animal studies courses

Just because you don’t live in Australia, doesn’t mean you can’t study with us! You’ll need to meet the same or equivalent entry requirements as Australian students to enrol in our courses. 

Many providers charge international or overseas students much larger fees than what Australian students pay. Not us! We’ll treat you the same a our Australian students. The same awesome support is available to you. We won’t charge you any additional fees just because you’re overseas. We have integrated the bank and postage fees into the total course cost. Depending on which country you are in, you may be required to pay GST or VAT. Learn more below.

We have had students from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and even Namibia enrol in, and successfully complete our courses.

animal studies courses


Are your courses recognised overseas?

Many countries recognise Australian qualifications. We have students in many countries around the world.

In saying that, every country has its own rules and regulations that you must follow, so it’s worth doing a little investigation. Normally its veterinary related tasks that are restricted, which are not covered by our courses anyway.

We cannot advise you on specific requirements in your country in regards to registration, recognition of overseas qualifications, and any legal aspects of working in animal care. The best organisation to contact to establish what is acceptable in your country is the association for your industry.

We deliver our courses by distance education using our online Learning Centre, printed resources, and work placement in a workplace near you. You don’t need to attend campus, so a student visa for entry to Australia is not possible based on enrolment with us.

You can study in your own country as long as you meet our standard entry requirements and have access to a suitable workplace for the practical component.

If travelling to Australia to study is in your future, you’ll need an Australian student visa. You must be enrolled with a CRICOS registered provider, which unfortunately we are not. You’ll need to locate a training provider who is.

As an overseas based student, our payment plans are not available to you due to our policies and credit arrangements.

You’ll need to pay for your entire course prior to starting. Also, there are no refunds for international students (or Australian students for that matter) so you’ll need to factor that into your decision.

Australian students who pay in full up front get a discount. This does not apply to international students, as we’ll use those funds to cover extra postage and bank fees.

No way!! It doesn’t really cost us any extra to have you as a student, except for postage of your printed resources and some bank fees for taking your payment, which are already covered in the course cost by not applying the paid in full discount.

You may be required to pay GST or VAT depending on your country of residence. We’ll discuss this with you at enrolment?


We use what would have been your discount to cover postage of resources and bank fees for international transfers, instead of charging this after enrolment.

certificate ii in animal studies

Yes, you can! Unless your country has regulations and laws that you need to abide by.

We cannot advise on of the legalities in your country. If you’re employed in your chosen career already, your manager may know what the limitations are.


It is important to note that we cannot provide you with work experience insurance to cover you for personal and public liability, or personal injury. You will need to source your own insurance, especially for personal injury, and provide us with details before undertaking placement. This is to ensure that if you are injured whilst training in the workplace, your medical costs are covered. This insurance will be at your own cost. We recommend you investigate this prior to enrolling with us.

If you are employed in an appropriate workplace, your employer likely has this kind of insurance (workers compensation insurance) for you, as you are an employee.

If English is not your first language, you’ll need to provide us with an IELTS assessment as you do need a good command of written and spoken English to successfully complete our courses. You’ll need an IELTS band of 6 or higher for written and verbal english.

You have the exact same access to Nurse Educators as our Australia based students, you just need to be aware of any time differences. You’ll be able to get us via phone, email, Zoom and our Facebook Student Group.

Yes, international students are more than welcome to undertake our short courses.

Please be aware that you will be invoiced extra for international express post after you enrol and this must be paid prior to your resources being sent. Expect it to be around AUD$50 to $70 extra – depending on which country you are in.

You may also be required to pay GST or VAT depending on the country you are in.