Hydrobath & Grooming


Short Non-Accredited Course

This short course is designed to teach you about the equipment and techniques for bathing dogs (and a little bit on cats). You will learn how to inspect the animal and devise your grooming plan, how to select appropriate products, and undertake the bathing and drying. You will also learn about the equipment and it’s maintenance and cleaning.

Following on from bathing, you will learn about foundation grooming techniques, including basic clipping and scissoring. There is a wide range of equipment and you will learn how to select appropriate tools for a variety of grooming and coat types.

This short course comes from a subject that forms part of the Cert III in Animal StudiesCert III in Pet Grooming, Cert III in Companion Animal Services and Cert IV in Pet Styling.

Whilst aimed at people working at salons, or with access to, hydrobathing equipment, this course is also suitable for pet owners wanting to learn more about how to care for their pooches skin and coat. Everything is relatable to bathing your own dog at home, or self serve hydrobaths.

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